What's the difference between an expedition and a trip? 


An expedition is woven into your life; a pulling in of necessity and pushing out of societal debris. A trip is a break, intentional removal of self from obligation, fear, responsibility...well actually a trip sounds kind of nice...But, alas, if you are here - perusing these expeditions - a trip is not what you are seeking. You are yearning to refer to time in terms of “before/after I learned how to chase sunsets.” Perhaps you and this feeling are already friends and you are keen on honing the physical and mental power for your personal expeditions. Our expeditions are crafted to make the most of your time in the WILDerness. Think less bucket list parades and more solo skinny dipping in a no-name lake. 

We bring the logistical support, and knowledge of the area and you bring the curiosity to explore off the trail, and energy to engage with people who are looking to do the same. Together we will take on the tasks of navigating, cooking high-quality meals together, and empowering each other to be our better selves not only in the mountains but every single day. Ready to weave an expedition into your life? 



Custom Expedition

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The Sierra Saunter

8 day expedition
August 28th - September 5th
    This week-long expedition provides a great sampling of everything the Yosemite High Country has to offer. Remote alpine lakes, views of Yosemite Valley from Clouds Rest, peak ascents, and opportunities to really burn some daylight in ways that speak to you.

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Drink It In: Tuolumne Alpine Lakes

4 day expedition
July 28th - Aug 1st
    Get your feet wet with some off trail backpacking. Camp next to alpine lakes, navigate over mountain passes, chase a sunset up a 11,000ft peak, this four day backpacking expedition has a little bit of everything

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Don’t Be A Smart Pass: Northern Yosemite

5 day expedition
August 18 - August 23rd
    Treasure hunting in the Yosemite High Country. Gems include: cascading rivers over polished granite, remote “infinity pool” alpine lakes, white granite peaks with options to get up high and take it all in.

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Not seeing your expedition?

At Burning Daylight Expeditions, we thoroughly enjoy planning and executing unique experiences for folks. Whether you have your whole trip planned to the very last detail, or have a vague dream of greeting every sunrise for a week - we can create a Custom Expedition for you.