Nature makes no promises and has a sneaky way of testing preparedness at the most inconvenient times. Simply, follow our lead and find "inconvenience" a word of the past. 


We are here to help assist in the creation of your individualized backpacking kit. By all means, take honest advice from friends, blogs, retailers, and maybe even social media, but remember each kit is as unique as that person’s coffee order.

Pay attention to these safety parameters and our tried and true backpacking methods, then let your instincts and personal experience lead the way...testing and “perfecting” takes many sunsets and just as many storms!

Before your expedition begins we will have a video conference to go through your packing list and answer your gear questions. Some gear is available for rent.

Nutritious and Delicious Food

Let us live our days with overflowing nourishment of the mind, body, and soul! There's no hiding that Heather has had dreams about backcountry meals and she is not intimidated by dietary or the occasional special meal request.

In crafting our backcountry menus we focus in order of A) Nutrition B) Deliciousness C) Weight. To the best of our ability, we predict the needs and desires of our teams' tummies from day one, to the peak ascent day, to the layover day, to the birthday, to the ravenous end.

Look forward to a one on one conversation concerning dietary needs, hot drink preferences, and perhaps, contributing your own ideas!

Fitness and Training

Coming Soon.....

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